Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
When you access Hollysale and the services provided to you by Hollysale, you share some of your personal information that we use to make your experience better.

Our privacy policy explains:
>What information we collect and why we collect it.
>How we use that information.
>The choices we offer, including how to access and update information.

Information we collect
When you create your account and access our services, you share your personal information like your name, email address, telephone number, location address, company name,  contact information, location on the map.

How we use that information
We use the information you provide for your better experience and customer satisfaction, we do not share your information with third parties which are not part of Hollysale. You can control what you share and how you share as we only get limited information about you but still you control what you share.

We only share information with Google Services such as Google Adsense and Google Analytics and Google Admob.

Transparency and choice
People have different privacy concerns, which makes our goal to be transparent and clear about what information do we collect and how users can control what they share.

> Modifying personal details.
You can change or modify your personal details from the Profile Settings at any time. We advise our users to always provide correct information for your own good.

Information you share
Our services will be indexed by search engines and will make our services accessible to the public which will make your information indexable. Some part of your information will remain public for a better experience like Username, Seller Name, Item Title, Ad Description, Ad Content, Phone Number and Map Location.

User Content Sharing and Publicity

Information about User Advertisement will be shared on HollySale’s social media accounts. Ad Links, title, contents, images, and excerpt associated with user advertisements will be posted on social media accounts associated with, for example, if a user post an Advertisement on or any of its partner sites, that Advertisement will be shared on HollySale’s Social Media Accounts and All User Ads shall be viewed by HollySale Followers and General public or whoever visits HollySale’s Social Media Accounts, the decision of whether User Advertisement shall be shared or not will remain with and any User Advertisement Shall be Shared upon approval immediately if decided to be shared by

Accessing and updating your personal information
When you use our services we give you access to your information and options to modify and update your current profile or delete it. We advise all our users to give legit information always, as this will help us improve your experience as a user and maintain our records properly.

We Use Google Adsense for providing Ads on our site.

Google uses cookies to serve ads based on a user’s previous visits such as personalized target advertising based on user’s activity on other websites and on google platforms.

Users can opt out of personalized advertising by visiting opt out services such as or by blocking the ads by ad blocker.

Google uses different networks to display ads on site which may include personalized ads or non-personalized ads which can be opted out by opt out services such as or by other means of blocking ads. will redirect you from to any other website or URL displayed in the Ads provided by Adsense Ads or by Google networks and have no relation with those Websites or URLs that will be visited by clicking on the Ads by Users at

Google will use and place cookies on users browsers through this site and may serve personalized Advertising or Non personalized Advertising to serve ads to each user on

We Use Google analytics

We use Google Analytics to analyze user activity in order to improve the site, for example Google Analytics use cookies on users browser through this site to look at the aggregate patterns by monitoring the user activity on site and overall users time spend on the site and also the location of the each visit on this site, which include live states about online users on the site and the time spend on each page and also overall duration of each user session on the site.

We Use Google Admob services to display ads inside the Apps

Google may use the advertising ID from the device on which the ad is serving to generate and collect interests and demographic information, for example sports hobby or shopping online. Interests, demographics and others statistical data may be collected and used to serve better personalized ads to the users of application. The interest based advertising is served via the Google mobile ads sdk placed within the app. Users can opt-out of these interest based advertising from their device accounts setting such as Google account settings privacy policy settings or also via

Please read our full terms and conditions, privacy policies and guidelines, and safety tips to learn the right conduct of use. and Platforms Privacy Policies

Privacy policy
When you will access this site then some of your information will be made public like Author name, contact information like Email Address or Phone Number if provided, Shared links and Personal Bio and content that you share and submit. Your IP Address will be recorded in our system and your current location will be made public like location, city, and address for compliance reasons.

Disclosure of Country and City Name or Orgin



The Job Poster’s Country and City Name or Origin will be made public if the job is posted from outside USA for transparency purposes. However the actual origin may differ if user has VPN service or because of unknown reasons. This feature does not apply to users posting from within United States.

We do not collect any sensitive information from the users like credit card or financial information, we therefore recommend users to safeguard their personal and sensitive information all the time. We do not sell user information to third parties.

All the site data will be shared and recorded in the server with our technology partner sites and will be accessed downloaded and maintained for up-gradation and web maintenance reasons.

We shall use external services to monitor the user aggregates and user session activity for improving this site’s experience.

We do not share your personal information with third-party but we may be enrolled with third-party services like google analytics and google Adsense.

We encourage all users to share only that data which is made for public viewing and not the one which is private or contains sensitive personal information.

About Google Analytics Use
We use google analytics technology to understand user behavior and interaction with our site, we have placed a special code on our site to monitor user aggregates.

About Adsense Use
We may have monetized this platform by using third-party advertisements like Google Adsense services, if you see google ads on this site then it could mean that we are currently monetizing this platform via Adsense.

Google services may use special web cookies to learn about user demographics and may show personalized advertisements.

Third-party Tools Use
We may also use third-party tools to monitor user activity and interaction with our site, hence we try our best to use those third-party tools which do not collect any information but we do not guarantee that.

Please read our full terms and conditions, safety tips, and guidelines to learn the right conduct of use.

If you do not accept the terms and conditions above then immediately stop using this site. thank you